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Upcoming year, our University received her academic status exactly one century ago. 100 years WUR, that must be celebrated! Whether you are studying, working or used to study at de Landbouw Hogeschool (College of Agriculture), Landbouw Universiteit Wageningen (University of Agriculture Wageningen) or Wageningen University, all of us are ‘Wageningers’. The University Fund is asking you to support four projects launched by 100 years WUR: Share your story, support a project! Join us, because certainly at least one of these four projects will be appealing to you. We thank you in advance for your contribution!


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President of the Executive Board of WUR prof. Louise O. Fresco: "All alumni, employees and students of the Wageningen community can play a role in the 100th anniversary of WUR. There are 100 ways to contribute to the next 100 years. Please help us to make it possible."

During the year 2018, WUR will be celebrating her 100 years of existence. Join 'Share your story, support a project!' to become part of these celebrations. We all have memories, and all of us can send in their wishes to 100 years WUR or become part of one of these projects. Join us and let’s create 100 years WUR together. You are able to become involved in one of the projects that is interesting to you. We will keep you up to date and you will have the opportunity to take part in important occasions, such as the planting of trees, the releasing of the book and you will be able to attend the opening of the Big Dutch Student Championships and the award ceremony for winning students at the Borlaug Wageningen Youth Institute.

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There are 100 ways to contribute to 100 years WUR. There must be a project that is interesting to you. How can you help?

1) Read more about the jubilee projects via the tabs below and select one of the projects.

2) Select one of the items symbolically to choose the height of your contribution.

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100 trees representing 100 years of WUR. Together we can plant those trees and in this way build a world-wide forest of UniversiTrees. Along these lines the trees will become a lasting and growing reminder of 100 years WUR. The first tree will be planted in Wageningen, the other 99 trees will rise partly in Wageningen, partly in other countries. Build this lasting memory of WUR together with us in the form of a memorial forest by contributing to this project.


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    Small trees


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    Big Jubilee tree


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During her year of anniversary WUR will organize a project for European high school students in order to make youth more enthusiastic for the domain of Food & Agriculture. These future scientists and leaders will be asked for creative and scientifically substantiated solutions to the world food problem. Students that will come up with the greatest ideas are allowed to go to the Global Youth & World Food Prize-event in October 2018. So lend a hand in motivating a new generation of researchers for the benefit of science!


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    Competition packs


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    High school students


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World Wide Wageningen – support alumni

On June 23rd, an unforgettable international alumni day will take place: 100 events in 100 countries. Due to the high travel expenses, not all alumni from rural areas would be able to participate. You can fund the trip of an international alum who will contribute to the organisation in one of the 100 countries, or fund the flight to Wageningen so that selected international alumni can share their experiences and the impact they made. With your donation, you connect all alumni world-wide.


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    National trips


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    International trips


Support one of the projects

Wageningen is ready for the Big Dutch Student Championships (GNSK) taking place in 2018. There is only one thing that is still missing, namely a uniform to unite all participants from Wageningen. Contribute to those new uniforms, so that all our athletes will be able to appear at the start as ‘One Wageningen’.


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Support one of the projects

In 1993 a marvellous series of books was published on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of our alma mater. This book was about the origin and development of Wageningen University & Research. In honour of our centennial we would like to make this historiography complete by publishing a book about the past 25 years. Write history and publish a new grandiose jubilee book together with us.


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University Fund Wageningen represents the charity that is connected to Wageningen University & Research. This fund interconnects people, beliefs and other funds so that a contribution to the extension and growth and prosperity of Wageningen University & Research can be made. Donations, no matter how big, contribute to activities that directly make a difference for students and in favor of the University. So donate to University Fund Wageningen and in this way accompany a growing group of alumni and others who wish students, teachers and the legacy belonging to Wageningen University & Research well. The Dutch Tax Administration has designated University Fund Wageningen as a charitable institution.


Waar kan ik meer informatie vinden over de 4 projecten?

Op de website van het UFW staat meer info over de 4 projecten. Ga daarvoor naar:

Ik kan niet veel geven, maakt mijn gift wel een verschil?

We waarderen ieders bijdrage, of hij nu klein is of groot. Alle giften samen maken een groot verschil!

Is mijn gift aftrekbaar?

Ja, uw gift is aftrekbaar onder de voorwaarden die de Belastingdienst daaraan stelt. Het Universiteitsfonds Wageningen heeft ANBI status en is een erkend goed doel.

Kan ik ik ook meerjarige schenking doen?

Ja dat kan. Als u een meerjarige schenking zou willen doen neemt u dan even contact met ons op via of 0317-483800, Arianne van Ballegooij.

Hoe kan ik geven?

U kunt geven via Ideal, creditcard of per eenmalige machtiging. Als u een giftverzoek nodig heeft, bijvoorbeeld omdat u vanuit uw bedrijf wilt doneren neem dan even contact met ons op via of telefonisch met Arianne van Ballegooij, 0317-483800.

Wat kan ik nog meer doen?

Laat anderen weten dat je meedoet! Stuur je vrienden een e-mail en deel deze actie via social media.

Is er meer info over de viering van 100 jaar WUR?

100 jaar WUR heeft een eigen pagina waar informatie over bijvoorbeeld de programmering te vinden is. Ga hiervoor naar:

Waarom is het platform in het Nederlands?

We hebben ervoor gekozen om eerst de Nederlandse kant te maken omdat veruit de meeste alumni de Nederlandse nationaliteit hebben. We zijn druk bezig om de Engelse kant te maken zodat ook internationale alumni mee kunnen doen.

Why is the platform in Dutch only?

In May 2017 we will launch the English version of this platform. As most alumni are Dutch, we chose to first launch the Dutch version.

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